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Half the world -nearly three billion people- live on less than two dollars a day.  
United Nations Development Program - 2007  

I already donate to charity, why should I donate to you?
We're glad to hear that you're already giving.  There are thousands of great organizations out there worthy of your support.  By all means, support them.  You can even propose one of them as a project and we might support them too.  Unfortunately, there's billions of people in desperate need all over the world.  Our aim is simple.  Get a little bit of money from a whole lot of people.  We need numbers.  We need to reach as many people as we possibly can.  Simply put, we're asking for a little bit more.  The purpose of One Dollar Nation is to prove that you don't have to give a lot.  You don't have to sacrifice or change your life.  We believe that one idea, one person, one dollar can change the world.  Give us one dollar a month and let us show you what it can do.  We promise that you won't miss it.
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