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2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunized.  
State of the World's Children, 2005  

What is One Dollar Nation?

One Dollar Nation is a non-profit organization devoted to eliminating extreme poverty and advancing education.  We're an online community  that gives our members a chance to participate in our mission.  To become a citizen of One Dollar Nation, we ask that you commit at minimum of one dollar a month to our cause.  We ask our Corporate Citizens to give one dollar a month per employee.  The money raised will be put towards projects that have been selected by our citizens.  As a citizen, your name will be added to our citizens page and you will gain access to our forums.  In our forums you can meet other citizens, suggest future projects, and vote on where the money raised goes.

Quite simply, we're a group of people who want to change the world.  We're going to take a little bit of money from a whole lot of people and use it to do good things.  It's not about politics, religion or economics.  It's just about doing something good.  One dollar.  It may not seem like much, but one dollar can provide  a meal.  One dollar can cure a disease.  One dollar can save a life.  

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